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    Mica is invaluable in the electrical industry because of its unique combination of physical, chemical and thermal properties, low power loss factor, dielectric constant and dielectric strength.

    Mica is a crystalling mineral which can provide excellent electrical properties, heat resistance, and physical-chemical properties. Muscovite mica, phogopite mica and synthetic mica can be regarded as the one of the most important insulating materials for the current electric industry.

    Muscovite mica KAL2ALSi3O10(OH)2 and Phlogopite mica KMg3ALSi 3O10(OH)2 are natural minerals. The crystal structure of natural mica contains(OH-),which begin to decompose at 500 C or 650 C).The thermogravimetic loss of natural mica increases suddenly and starts to decrease at 650C(or 850C). Synthetic mica KMg3ALSi3O10F2 is a non-natural synthetic mica crystal. Because the (OH) does not exist in the crystal structure of Synthetic mica , thus Synthetic mica? can be decomposed even not reaching the melting point(1350C). Synthetic mica? provides the highest resistant ability among all mica types.

    Synthetic Mica Scrap
    The crystals of synthetic mica KMg3ALSi3O10F2 are produced from some chemicals or minerals by melting at high temperature and then crystallizing. It provides excellent insulation properties and thermo tolerance (up to 1100C) and is extremely pure, which is superior to that of natural phlogopite.
    Synthetic mica scraps are processed from the sieved broken fluorophlopite pig by using internal resistance electric melting method.

    Mica minerals make some rocks sparkle! They are often found in igneous rocks such as granite and metamorphic rocks such as schist. They sparkle because light is reflected on their flat surfaces, which are where the mineral breaks along its plane of cleavage. These minerals break so easily along their cleavage that some crystals have broken into many thin layers that look like the pages of a little book. of large mica crystals as glass for windows.

    Mica is found in pegmatites intruding mica schists. It is found to occur in book form in the pegmatites. The mode of formation of mica which is found in the form of small flakes to big slabs cleavable into the fine laminae is still the subject of active research. One thing has been clearly established is the degree of presence or absence of orthoclase felspar indicates the possibility of finding mica in the pegmatite is indicative of the presence of more mica. This establishes that mica forms at the expense of orthoclase felspar. The presence of tourmaline crystals and decomposed felspar in the pegmatites shows the possibility of finding good quantity of mica. Mica pegmatite consists of quartz core with felspar on the sides adjoining the country rock, mica-schists. In the quartz and felspar zones, which usually form the core, the formation of mica is sparsely found and also the flakes are not big in size. Mica pegmatites have been found to occur in various shapes and sizes mostly occuring as lenses. They may occur as parallel veins, pipes or in massive form. It is difficult to ascertain when the vein will pinch out and hence the mining of mica is regarded as quite speculative. Also, the abrupt decrease in degree of mineralization and disappearence of mica from the working face is quite common. Pipe mica veins have been worked upto a maximum depth of 200 metres.

    Our factories supply Mica,Mica powder,Mica unit,Mica blocks,Mica sheet,Mica plate.Welcome foreign businessmen Purchase our mica products!

     China Lingshou Mica Minerals:

    Components SiO2 Al2O3 K2O Na2O MgO Fe2O3 S+P H2O
     Content(%) 44-50 20-33 9-11 0.95-1.8 1.3-2 2-6 0.02-0.05 0.13








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